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President of Egeda Chile and Co-Founder of CinemaChile Partner and CEO of Parox, one of the most prolific productive enterprises in the country. Having produced more than 18 fiction and documentary series in the last 12 years. For example, international co-productions such as “Héroes Invisibles" (Yle, Finland - Turner, Chile) and “Bichos Raros" and the acclaimed series "Los Archivos del Cardenal”, “El Reemplazante”, and “Gen Mishima”. He has also produced feature films such as "Play" by Alicia Scherson, "Matar a Todos" by Esteban Shroeder, "El Árbol Magnético" by Isabel Ayguavives, and documentaries such as "Calle Santa Fe" by Carmen Castillo and "El Poder de la Palabra" by Francisco Hervé.