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Architect, academic and visual artist, he was born in the Atacama desert, he has lived for 40 years on the Island of Chiloé. Co-founder of the mythical "Taller Puertazul", author of a fertile theoretical and sustainable architectural production of universal interest. He has exhibited at Universities, Seminars and Congresses in Latin America and Europe. His work is cited in The Aperta Thematic Encyclopedia / Architettura e Societá and is part of the Somosur collection of Editorial Escala de Colombia. Co-author of the books "Insular recycling", "Chiloé Architecture Guide", "Palafitos de Castro, Chiloé" and "An architecture of the place". Founder of the Chiloé delegation of the Chilean College of Architects, President of the Corporation Museum of Modern Art Chiloé, master's professor at Austral, Central and Santiago de Chile universities and ISTHMUS Workshop professor in Panama. Among his distinctions, the following stand out: selection of the Andrea Palladio International Award, "Outstanding Teacher Medal 15 years of ISTHMUS"; Ensamble Award 2015; Chiloé Award for Cultural Extension, and National Architecture Award 2016.

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